Dealing With Loneliness | #LetsLiftLoneliness

The lovely Zara Byrd from MotherByrdBlog created this beautiful hashtag about helping each other dealing with loneliness, watch my youtube video below and look in the description box to find the other collab videos!

The things I say most as a Mum

These were clean on today What is this stuck to my arm? Leave your sister/brother alone Listen to me Do as I say, I'm your Mother Ask Daddy Do you do that at school? Don't do that Santa won't come You'll go to bed You wont get pudding Stop that Let's be friends again

‘Yesterday I didn’t like my red coat’ by Alfie aged 4

  Yesterday started as any other day, I shouted up to Mummy and Daddy to let them know I was awake. They didn’t seem bothered so as usual I went upstairs and poked Mummy’s face until she woke up. I asked to play on my iPad then got in between them and watched my videos … Continue reading ‘Yesterday I didn’t like my red coat’ by Alfie aged 4