10 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant



My son Alfie is going to be two in September and It honestly feels like I blinked and missed it all. When I was pregnant everyone told me how quick he would grow up and I have never really thought about it until now. Where has the past 2 years gone?! It’s so scary how quick the years pass, my little baby that used to fall asleep in my arms is now an independent little man. I really miss being pregnant so I thought I’d do a little post about what it is that I miss the most..

Having a Secret – To begin with it was only me, Jonny, my mum and dad that knew we were expecting, so it was really nice having a little secret between ourselves until we had the 12 week scan. I couldn’t wait to let everyone else in on our gorgeous little secret.

Constantly having my little man with me 24/7 – I am a stay at home mum so Alfie is with me all the time anyway, but he sleeps in his own room, he has a nap in the day, and he happily goes to his nanny’s house for the afternoon to play. I miss him literally being with me all day everyday.

Being able to rub my bump – I miss being able to place my hand on my belly and feeling my little baby wriggling around in there. I used to always sit with my hands on my belly. I loved feeling like I was comforting this innocent little baby.

Talking to my bump – I used to sit for hours chilling on the sofa talking to my bump, feeling him kick when he heard my voice (and Jonny’s) was the nicest feeling in the world.

Eating for two and getting away with it – It goes without saying that when you see a pregnant woman stuffing her face you never question her for doing so. I took this to the extreme and ate way more than I needed to, but I was pregnant and I loved food, and no one told me not too which was heaven.

People letting me use the toilet first – So you’re queuing in the mall for the toilets on a busy Saturday afternoon, the very kind ladies in front of you see you are pregnant and let you use the toilet first. I never did manage to work out if they were genuinely being kind or just worried that the longer I was behind them the more likely it was that I would pee on their shoes.

Being lazy and people looking after you – Everyone wants to make sure the pregnant lady is well looked after, cups of tea, magazines and biscuits. Jonny looked after me so well when I was pregnant and gave me lovely back rubs most evenings which was amazing.

Smiles from total strangers – Once my bump starting showing the world became a much nicer place. Passers by would smile at me and some would even stop and ask questions (due date/gender of baby etc)

The ‘Glow’ –  Towards the later stages of my pregnancy everyone would say about my ‘glow’, I couldn’t see what they were talking about because I felt like a fat penguin waddling about, but they seemed to think I looked ‘glowing’ so I went with that!

Cravings – Everyone gets cravings and really fancies one particular thing, but when you are pregnant it is on another level. Having cravings for something so bad and people made sure you got what you wanted. I miss that.



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