Living With Crohn’s Disease


living with crohns

I have an illness called Crohn’s Disease (not as in a contagious disease!), which is an IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) this means that my digestive tract is inflamed this can lead to abdominal pain, severe diarrhoea, tiredness, weight loss and malnutrition.

I was diagnosed back in 2010 and luckily enough I have been pretty well ever since. I was in hospital for about 6 days and they had no idea what was wrong with me until right towards the end. I get flare ups and it is immensely painful but then it dies down and I’m fine, The flare up situation makes me feel so crap. It makes me tired, sad, grumpy, painful, and embarrassed. There is nothing I can do as there is no cure for Crohn’s. I take medication everyday (2 tablets called Azathioprine) and before I fell pregnant with Alfie I had to have a treatment every month through a drip in hospital called Infliximab.

Luckily since giving birth to Alfie (in 2013) my Crohn’s seems to have settled right down, I can drink milkshake and eat cereals without having to run to the toilet 10 minutes later. I just hope that it stays controlled and that I don’t have any bad flare ups.

It’s pretty embarrassing for me to right about this but I thought I’d share this with you though and hope to find others with Crohn’s too.. There is nobody I know with Crohn’s and it would be nice to see how others deal with it.

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