10 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

10 things not to say to a pregnant woman

I heard it all while I was pregnant with Alfie and now I am starting to get a bump with Lacey I thought this was the perfect time to prepare myself for the comments that are sure to come later down the line..

Was it planned? Does it really matter? It’s a blessing either way!

Is it twins?! / Are you sure you’re not having twins? OUCH!

Are you sure you need that second doughnut? Let her eat as many doughnuts as she likes god dammit! 

You look awful, wait until the baby arrives, it will only get worse. I am fully aware of how gross I look thankyou. 

You look like you’re ready to pop.. Chances are you are over due and were ready to pop days ago.

You haven’t given birth yet then? / It’s still in there then? Does it look like I’ve F*cking given birth?!

You shouldn’t drink that.. If I want coffee, I’ll have it thanks.

You look tired.. You try carrying round a baby for 9 months!

Don’t give birth stood here. If only it happened all that quickly

You’re a bit hormonal.. I can’t sleep, I can’t put my own shoes on, I can’t see my toes and that TV advert was really sad though…

Some people are complete morons….



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