10 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman


I heard it all while I was pregnant with Alfie and now I am starting to get a bump with Lacey I thought this was the perfect time to prepare myself for the comments that are sure to come later down the line..

Was it planned? – Does it really matter?|

Is it twins?! / Are you sure you’re not having twins? – Fuck you.

Are you sure you need that second doughnut? – Let me eat as many doughnuts as I fucking want!

You look awful, wait until the baby arrives, it will only get worse – I am fully aware of how gross I look thankyou. 

You look like you’re ready to pop – Chances are you are over due and were ready to pop days ago.

You haven’t given birth yet then? / It’s still in there then? – Does it look like I’ve F*cking given birth?!

You shouldn’t drink that – If I want coffee, I’ll have it thanks.

You look tired – You try carrying round a baby for 9 months!

Don’t give birth stood here – If only it happened all that quickly

Stop being so hormonal – I can’t sleep, I can’t put my own shoes on, I can’t see my toes and that TV advert was really sad though…


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