Pregnancy Update | Week 25

update week 25


So I am now 25 weeks pregnant! It seems to be going pretty quickly so far but I’m sure the last weeks will drag eventually.

I am definitely starting to feel pregnant now.. I have a bump and am starting to find certain things difficult. Luckily Jonny is very helpful around the house so I know he won’t ever mind helping with jobs etc.

Alfie is proving to be pretty testing at the moment, he is very clingy and I can’t even have a wee in peace! He’s not normally too bad so hopefully it’s just a phase he’s going through.

I can feel her move every day now, It’s such a lovely feeling. Jonny hasn’t managed to feel her move yet as she seems to not want to move for Daddy! I can’t wait until she is kicking about properly and my family can feel her.

Due to having Crohn’s Disease I will be having 2 extra growth scans. One at 30 weeks and one at 36 weeks just to double check she is growing okay with my medication. So lucky for me I get 4 scans! (I had the same with Alfie)

I am feeling okay in myself, starting to get tired easily in the days but other than that I am fine. I don’t seem too hormonal and haven’t burst into tears recently which is always a good sign.

I will be sure to include my new can pictures when I eventually have my extra scans!



3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update | Week 25

  1. meganhazelmalcolm says:

    I have exactly the same trouble with baby kicking and then stopping as soon as daddy tries too feel! was literally just writing about it in my blog post! so glad I’m not the only one! hehe!xxo


      • meganhazelmalcolm says:

        yes they are! just like his daddy! hehe! wow, your getting close to the big day! you feeling nervous? thank you lovely! i’ll give yours a follow too! and no problem, love reading up on other peoples pregnancies!xxo


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