Pregnancy Is Harder The Second Time Around..



So when I was pregnant with Alfie I had a pretty easy time of it to be honest. I carried him well and never had any morning sickness or any of the common side effects of being pregnant.

When I fell pregnant this time round (I am now 26 weeks) I honestly thought it would be easy as I had already done it once, I thought I would be a pro at it but I was wrong.

Alfie is 2 years old so having to chase after him is starting to become difficult, he wants picking up and I can’t always carry him, he is over 2 stone so he’s not the smallest child, he’s always been able to play well on his own though so I can’t complain too much.

When you are pregnant the first time round you have your maternity leave and get to enjoy  watching ‘Loose Women’ and drinking nice warm cups of tea, you enjoy having a relaxing bath and lathering yourself in lotions from head to toe and using stretch mark creams to try and stop those little buggers appearing. You get to slob out on the sofa in the latter stages eating chocolates and enjoying the peace and quiet before the baby arrives. You browse online for nursery ideas and decide what furniture and colour scheme you want for the baby’s room.

The second time around is a lot different, I’m a stay at home mum so I have been on permanent maternity leave for the past 2 years anyway, I don’t watch ‘Loose Women’ because I am on my 13th episode of ‘Curious George’ or ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’. I don’t slob out on the sofa eating chocolates as that would mean sharing with a 2 year old!

I don’t own any stretch mark cream any more as it didn’t work the first time and I have the London Tube map on my ass and belly. We are not picking any new furniture for a nursery as my baby girl gets hand me downs from her brother so the same cot, mobile, bedding and changing mat are being used.

If I was having another boy I wouldn’t of even needed to go clothes shopping as the new baby would be wearing the exact clothes his brother wore, but luckily I am having a girl this time so I do get to enjoy going shopping for pink outfits!

That initial pregnancy glow, you know, the one that loads of people commented on saying how good you look and how glowing you are, ‘pregnancy suits you!’ they would say. This time, the same people don’t mention the glow, they mention how tired you look, how it’s ‘hard with a toddler as well’, with the ‘is two children a good idea’ sympathy smile.

I think I’ll be going incognito in the last month of this pregnancy…


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