Pregnancy Update | Week 28

update week 28


Okay so i feel really pregnant now, I feel huge, when in reality I have over 10 more weeks of this so I’m going to get much bigger! She is sat really low down in my womb so I can feel her head right down in my pelvis, when I sit on the floor to play with Alfie I feel like I’m sat on her head and I can’t lean forward when on the floor as it feels like I’m squashing her! It’s so uncomfy!

I feel her move all the time now, proper kicks as well as little wiggles, she really kicked my side the other day and it bloody hurt!

I’m struggling with hormones again a little bit now, nothing has actually happened or annoyed me but I feel sad a lot of the time and really grumpy! I feel quite lonely sometimes when Jonny is at work as I don’t work at all I’m always at home with Alfie, I go to toddler groups 3 times a week which really helps to get out, but I feel like I have forgotten how to hold an adult conversation when not talking about Mr Bloom or Bing.

I have another scan when I’m 30 weeks (20th Jan) due to having Crohn’s disease and I’m looking forward to getting to see my baby girl again! (And double checking she is a girl!)

I really enjoyed being pregnant with Alfie, but it is definately proving harder this time round with already having a 2 year old!

I can’t wait to meet my little girlie, and Jonny is so excited to meet her too.



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