Pregnancy Update | Week 30

update week 30


I am now offically 30 weeks pregnant! Only 10 (bet I go bloody overdue though!) more weeks to go!

I had another scan at 30 weeks due to having Crohn’s Disease (CD) as the medication I take to control my CD could potentially, but very unlikely, prevent my baby from growing properly.

It’s so nice to get extra scans and to see my baby girly again, we double checked and she is definitely a girl so the pretty summer dresses I bought do not need to be returned!

I am really feeling pregnant now, simple tasks like picking up Alfie’s toys and putting my shoes on are starting to become more difficult as the days pass.

We have a couple of dates, including a week away coming up between now and Lacey’s due date (30th March) I am hoping these next 10 weeks fly by as we will be doing things rather than just sat twiddling our thumbs!

I am starting to have patches of heartburn but nothing to drastic, I haven’t had to down any Gaviscon like I did with Alfie! I have been feeling a little bit hormonal recently, I guess this is due to getting bigger and finding it a lot more uncomfortable to move around, or even sit down! I get very tired in the evenings now and I can’t stay up much later than 9pm at the moment, which is good though as an early night does no harm!

I am so excited to meet my girl now, seeing her little pink babygros in her bedroom makes me want to see her so badly! March 30th can’t come quick enough!


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