Pregnancy Update | Week 33

update week 33

So this is it, 7 weeks left now, and I am pretty much ticking off each day as it ends! I feel so big now, she moves around loads in my belly and digs her elbows/feet into my side causing me quite a lot of discomfort!

I get so out of breath doing simple tasks, such as walking up to my bedroom which is on the 3rd floor. My legs are getting restless and I struggle to get comfy on chairs/sofas. Even being led in bed is starting to become difficult.

Having a 2 year old to run around after doesn’t help me to relax much either!

I have another scan booked for the 29th Feb which means I’ll of had 4 in total, due to having Crohn’s Disease. I’m trying to pamper myself weekly by having a lovely hot bath and that seems to help ease the strain on my bump and back.

I am very lucky that Jonny is such a good boyfriend and looks after me so well. He gives me back massages and makes me cups of tea. (Thanks Babe!)

I really need to pack my hospital bag this week as I now have everything I need to go in there, I’ll probably film a ‘What’s In My Hospital Bag’ YouTube video and write a list as a blog post once I have packed it so keep an eye out for those.

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