Pregnancy Update | Week 39

pregnancy update week 39

Well this is it.. the countdown begins, I am due 1 week today and I really hope my little lady comes on time. Although I could still go up to 2 weeks over due so in theory I could still have 3 weeks left! (sobs) I hate not knowing when she’s going to arrive. I went 8 days over due with Alfie so I’m expecting to do the same with this one then anything else is a bonus!

With all that said I am feeling good in all honesty. I have a bad back but apart from that I’m still feeling pretty human. I get tired and have been having an hours kip some afternoons, I do get grumpy as well but luckily Jonny just laughs and cheers me up rather than getting grumpy back!

I had another scan in Feb (I’ve had 4 overall due to having Crohn’s Disease) which went well and showed that she is growing well etc. My blood results did show low iron levels so I have been prescribed iron tablets which I am to take 2 a day until further notice. She is head down so she should be ready to go! She has been head down for ages now luckily Alfie was the same, I think I carry babies well as I had no issues with Alfie’s pregnancy.

I have been feeling pretty lazy and I got into a bit of a slump of not seeing/speaking to any friends for a few weeks. This also led to me being inactive on my blog which saddened me after going through a good few months gaining new followers on here but I am feeling much better now so will be continuing to blog as often as I can.

I really hope my little girl arrives safely and doesn’t keep Mummy and Daddy waiting for too much longer!

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