Wedding Series

We are engaged!

the ring

Me and Jonny got engaged in February 2016 we were on a family holiday at Centre Parcs in Longleat. Me and Jonny had spoke about weddings, considering we already had Alfie and I was pregnant with Lacey it seemed weird not to want to get married! Me and J tell each other everything and aren’t very good at keeping secrets because we get too excited to tell one another! Also I’m naughty because I fish for clues.

There was a specific style of engagement ring I loved so a few times we popped in to our local Ernest Jones and I pointed out a few that I liked and thought it would be nice for him to pick one from the select few so that it was still a surprise for me. However the ring that J chose ended up with a diamond missing so we took it back and ordered a new one and it happened again! So they let me choose a completely different ring. I am in love with my engagement ring, It’s so classy and I prefer it to my original one (Sorry J!)

katy lou engagement ring
The original engagement ring!
The new ring!

We went out for a meal alone and being honest I knew it was going to happen and I think J knew that I knew too! We were walking down the Boardwalk in CP and there are a few stops with little bridges over waterfalls. J starting slowing down at the first one then carried on going, when we got to the second one he stopped and got down on one knee and said a few things, I of course said yes! It was beautiful I just wish I didn’t know to expect it but it was a special moment either way!

I really want to share the Wedding planning with you all and also to keep as a diary for me to look back on in time as well.

We already have a date and venue booked for September 2017 so things are happening really quickly which is super exciting!

I hope you enjoy reading my Wedding Series as much as I’m going to enjoy sharing it with you all!

love kate x

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