Wedding Series

Choosing our wedding theme

The wedding of Katy & Jon. 16/9/17. Pictures Stuart Harrison Photography.

With my Wedding only being 4 months away now I am spending a lot of my time doing planning and ticking things off of my to do list. I wanted to blog along the way with a wedding series, I haven’t managed to blog until now so there will be an influx of wedding series on my blog over the next few months!

Firstly we decided on a theme, we knew straight away that we both wanted the colour red to be involved and we loved the vintage feel of hessian and lace. We felt that these colours would tie in nicely with each other and so far we seem to be right!

The red is coming from the bridesmaid dresses, they are a gorgeous deep rose red in the shade Claret (there will be a separate post about outfits) There will also be red roses in our bouquets. The Groom and his groomsmen are having red cravats and red pocket squares which we have managed to match to the bridesmaids pretty perfectly considering they are from different companies!

The hessian and lace will be on the chairs, the photo is one that I found on Pinterest and sent to the company providing them. The hessian and lace will also feature on DIY jars that me and my bridesmaid Meg are going to make, I’ve saved loads of glass jars from coffee, food etc and we are going to stick hessian, lace and ivory ribbons around the jars then fill them with flowers and possibly fake tea lights. Hessian and lace is also going to be around each tier on our cake and our cake will be on a tree trunk stand which we thought tied in well with the vintage feel.

chair sashes

Please feel free to comment with the themes that you had or are thinking of having, I love to hear everyone else’s ideas!

Thanks for reading

love kate x


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