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The Original Ginny Moon | Book Review

When I was asked to review Ginny Moon I was very excited to get stuck into a new book. I haven’t reviewed a book before so forgive me if this post isn’t on top form but I am delighted to be able to give my thoughts about the book to you all.

The book is the debut novel by Benjamin Ludwig and releases on 1st June 2017

The Original Ginny Moon

Ginny Moon

Ginny Moon is a very heartwarming story narrated by 14 year old Ginny herself. Let me start by telling you a bit about her.

As I said Ginny is 14 years old, when she was 9 she was removed by the Police from her abusive birth mother Gloria. She had since spent years in the foster system before finally finding her ‘Forever Home’. Ginny also has autism and has a particular thought process and routines she has to do, for example she has to start each day by eating exactly 9 grapes. She loves Michael Jackson and desperately wants to be kidnapped by her birth mother to find her ‘Baby Doll’.

I loved reading Ginny Moon and was hooked from the first page (which I found hilarious as Ginny had an electronic baby that was crying so she hid it in a suitcase so it would shut up) Ginny is such a smart and lovable character. The character gave me an insight into an Autistic mind. Ginny is unique but not because she is Autistic, she is wise, smart, older than her years and she is a heroin for surviving what her birth mother put her through. She is strong. She is a champion.

As a mother myself it was heartbreaking to read the bits where Ginny was talking about what her mother used to do to her, it was horrible to think that this actually happens to children around the world. One part of the story quotes ‘Why the hell are you telling Gloria to keep coming back? She beat the hell out of you! You had a fractured arm and were starving! You almost died!’ It was a sad read at times but I still couldn’t put it down.

The Original Ginny Moon was heartbreaking, I was slightly on edge at times wondering what was going to happen next. Benjamin Ludwig made us feel like part of a family whilst reading this book, I found myself wanting to protect and help Ginny. Benjamin knows what the heart of a teenage girl with Autism is like from his own adopted daughter, thank you Benjamin for sharing this with us.

The Original Ginny Moon was an inspiring read albeit a slightly upsetting one at times, you must go and get a copy and read it! I cannot wait to see what else Ludwig has in store for us!

Thanks for reading

love kate x


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