My top tips for making housework easier!

I used to struggle with the housework before finding a routine that worked well for me. I would do a few little jobs each day but then I found myself doing housework all the time. I have since started having Mondays as my housework day and I clean and tidy the whole house, having a set day to do the housework works well for me and fits into my weekly routine.

Using a washing basket to remove things that don’t belong in that room

I have found this little trick so helpful! You can get the kids to help put things in the basket too or if you have older children they can take the basket around the house and put the things back in the right rooms!

Start from the top down

I have a 3 storey house and I find it easier to start in my bedroom on the 3rd floor and then work my way down stairs. I used to start downstairs and I found that I was spending to much time cleaning the kitchen and then not having enough time to clean the rest of the house.

Invest in good cleaning products

I find that having good cleaning products makes the housework more enjoyable as it means my house is getting a better clean from better products. I am obsessed with Method and Zoflora! Get a product that is suitable for all surfaces means you only have to carry one bottle around the house with you.

Have a cleaning caddy

Having one caddy to store all the products and cloths you need to clean makes it so much easier to carry it all in one go.

Prioritise what needs doing first in each room 

Prioritising things that need doing first in each room means the most important job gets done first. I spend more time on the most important jobs and less time on simple things.

Dry clothes on the airer

Not only is this better for your electric bill but it means that things dry straight. Somethings do still need the iron ran over them but it makes ironing at lot easier.

Tidy as you go

If you tidy as you go it keeps the house up together in between cleaning days. Sweeping the kitchen floor whilst making a cuppa, keeping the kitchen sides clean and tidy. You can always clean the toilet and sink whilst the kids are in the bath.

Have a set day for housework

The reason I have a set day for housework (apart from what I said about not wanting to do jobs everyday) is so that my cleaning actually gets done. I as finding that I was delaying my housework to see friends or do something with the kids and it was never actually getting done! So this way I keep a Monday completely free and get it all done.

Start each room by making the bed

As soon as you make a bed it straight away makes the room to look tidy! Also I put things on the bed when I’m tidying the beside tables so it helps to have a made bed.

Have a tidy hallway and tidy stairs

This automatically makes your house feel tidier. I hate coming home to a messy hallway!

Never go upstairs without carrying something up

I have a really bad habit of putting things on the stairs to take up later and then walk straight past them when I go upstairs. I always moan at Jonny for not tidying the stairs but I actually never do it myself (Sorry J) This is something that I need to practise on!

Listen to upbeat music

I love listening to music whilst I’m cleaning, I think it makes it more enjoyable. I normally listen to the top chart playlist or to a playlist that I found on Spotify called ‘Housework Songs’ that playlist has some amazing songs on there so thank you whoever made that one!

Don’t get distracted on your phone

The only trouble with listening to music is the fact that it means my phone is with me, I try not to get distracted by texting or going on social media because I have made this mistake before and found myself led on my bed with my cat for about 30 mins!

Since having this routine on a Monday I have some tips that I use to make the housework easier and I thought I’d share them with you! – Please feel free to leave any comments if you use any of these ideas or have any of your own tips!

love kate x


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