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Beauty & the Beast afternoon tea at Old Down Country Park


A few weeks ago me and Jonny went to Old Down Country Estate in Tockington, Bristol for a Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea. It was so nice to spend a few hours alone with out the kids and to be able to chat and not be interrupted was lovely (and to have a warm cuppa!)


Old Down Estate is a stunning manor house with beautiful gardens. It is a perfect venue for a wedding, infact I’m pretty sure that one of my friends is having her wedding reception there in 2018. It sits along side Old Down Country Park which is a great place to take the kids.

Along with most people, I am a big Beauty and the Beast fan and when I saw this afternoon tea I just had to book it.

When we got to the manor house we were greeted by a member of staff who told us where to wait until they were ready for us all to go in. There were reworked tracks from B&TB playing and whilst we were waiting we took a little wander round the gardens.

They called us in and opened the big double doors leading into the room, there were about 6 different tables with name cards on, the tables had been decorated beautifully with rose petals and the signature rose dome (we are having the exact same one on our top table at our wedding!) There were also little figures of Belle, Cogsworth and Lumiere which were super cute and Mrs Potts had the milk in! I loved the vintage tea cups and saucers – I was in heaven.

This is the menu taken from the website

Full Menu:

White Chocolate & Rose Glassed Dessert
Salted Caramel Chocolate Pott
Chocolate Fudge Clock Gateau
Chocolate Snowball
Rose Flavoured Macarons
Smoked Salmon & Black Pepper, Egg Mayo & Cress, Cream Cheese & Cucumber, Ham & English Mustard Finger Sandwiches
Scones, Homemade Jam & Clotted Cream

It was super yummy but also very filling with a lot of sweet things!

Have you been to a themed afternoon tea? what was the theme?

love kate x


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