How I use Zoflora

I have recently discovered Zoflora and I can’t believe that I haven’t used it before! I love how clean and germ free it makes my house feel and the smell around my home is gorgeous!

It comes in about 17 different scents in concentrated form. You then either dilute it in water or use it undiluted depending on what you are cleaning.

I have found some really helpful uses for Zoflora and I thought I’d share them with you…


1 – Using in the washing machine (in the conditioner part) on an empty hot wash to give the washing machine a deep clean.

2 – Diluting into a spray bottle and using as an anti-bac spray for surfaces.

3 – Diluting in a spray mop for the floors.

4 – Pouring one cap full into the dishwasher and putting on an empty cycle.

5 – Diluting one cap full in boiling water and leaving to soak to clean the cats litter tray.

6 –  When the heating is turned on dab a little bit of concentrated Zoflora onto the tops of the radiators with a bit of kitchen roll to make your house smell amazing.

7 – Spraying the diluted Zoflora from the spray bottle onto curtains for a freshness boost.

8 – Diluting one cap full in boiling water and leaving to soak for a while to clean the bins.

9 – Leave diluted Zoflora in boiling water in your washing up bowl overnight – soaking your dish cloth and washing up sponge. It disinfects your cloth and sponge and in the morning you’ll wake up to the smell of Zoflora. Give your sink a clean whilst doing this too

10 – Cleaning toilets, showers and sinks with the diluted spray bottle. I also pour a cap full of Zoflora down the toilets to make them smell nice.

11 – Disinfecting the kids toys with the diluted spray bottle.

12 – Using the spray bottle on door handles – especially the bathrooms!

13 – Cleaning all surfaces around the house – bedside tables, dressing table, windowsills. **TEST ZOFLORA ON A SMALL PATCH OF FURNITURE FIRST**

14 – Spray the diluted Zoflora on the seats in the car – including the kids car seats.

15 – Spray onto door mats to fragrance the house.

These are the uses I’ve actually tried and love! If you have any more tips let me know!

love kate x


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