An ode to Paw Patrol

Oh Paw Patrol I’d like to say,
You truly are the best.
You are there to totally rely on,
When Mummy needs a rest.

As soon as you come on the telly,
The kids both stop and stare.
Sometimes I wonder, would they notice,
If Mummy wasn’t there?

Too busy watching those super pups,
And Rubble on the double.
If Mummy snuck out and left,
Would she get in trouble?

Chase is on the case,
The kids are under a curse.
We’re 4 episodes in
And it’s as good as the first.

Mayor Goodway’s bloody annoying,
Carrying that chicken around.
Another thing we all wonder,
Is will Ryder’s parents be found?

No job is too big,
No pup is too small.
Please bring out new episodes,
As I’ve definitely watched them all.


an ode to pp


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