10 things I’ve learnt since becoming a pre-school Mum

  1. Other Mums don’t always like being spoken to at 8.30 in the morning
  2. My son is ‘a lovely little boy’
  3. A piece of paper with one grain of rice stuck in the middle is something that I’m meant to keep
  4. School still smells like it did in the 90’s
  5. Play Doh is a b*stard to get off of jumpers/unstuck from the bottom of shoes
  6. Nothing makes you more proud than seeing your child dressed head to toe in cotton wool as a sheep in the Nativity play
  7. Getting up, dressed and organised to leave the house in the mornings proves tricky even after a year (where are your shoes!?)
  8. Asking your child what they did at school that day is like getting blood from a stone – Who did you play with? Everyone, What did you play with? Everything

  9. You can drop your child off with someone for the day and not feel guilty about it
  10. I have a new found respect for teachers, putting up with our little angels* for the week

*sometime’s angels, mostly little sh*ts.

10 things I've learnt since being a pre school mum kate sutter


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