Dear Diary #1

I’m typing this not even knowing what I’m going to type, (I’ve had a glass of wine as well mind) I haven’t wrote a blog post for months, I’ve tried to be consistent with YouTube but I find it hard to keep up to date with that, if there’s housework to be done, or seeing friends/family, to me that over takes the importance of filming and editing.

I have been all over the place at the moment, I have been literally so high yet so low all at the same time. My husband and I recently just moved in to a new house, our first house as homeowners. We actually own it, I never knew I could love bricks and mortar as much as I do now. However at the same time as getting our keys my beautiful Nan passed away after her battle with cancer. Growing up I lived 2 minutes away from my Nan, being the local Grandchild I saw my Nan a lot. She saw me become an adult, she saw me become a Mother, she joined in on my hen do antics, she watched me marry my best friend, and she knew I was shortly going to become a home owner. I am absolutely devastated that she has gone, however I keep finding feathers in my house so I know she’s with me.

As the title suggests I’m not sure where this post is going, I just felt the need to start typing to see what came out. I think I’m going to start writing this blog again, but as a bit of a diary, even if people don’t read it, it feels so bloody good to get everything out. You can’t keep everything inside, it’ll eat you up.

I’m off to have another glass of wine now.

Til’ next time, K x


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