Book Reviews

Tales of Ramion – Frank Hinks

I was very kindly given 4 books from the series of Tales of Ramion to review.  The books are written by Frank Hinks, who had always dreamed of becoming a writer and once he had his 3 children he knew he’d always have someone to listen to his stories! His 3 children were the inspiration behind Tales of Ramion and are the main characters in the series.

Ramion is a magical land where anything can happen, the 3 boys have numerous adventures in the fantasy land and have to escape from characters such a Griselda the Witch and The Princess of the Night. I love that Hinks used his 3 sons as the main characters and even their cat Snuggles features in the stories as their warrior cat and dream lord.

Alfie enjoyed seeing pictures of the characters and a description of them before the story started, Alfie has other books like this and he loves getting to know the characters at the beginning of the book. The books are really colourful and Alfie loved looking at the illustrations (the illustrations are by Frank himself I believe) Unfortunately I do personally feel that these books are for slightly older children (Alfie is 5) however Alfie did still love flicking through the pictures and working out what he thought was happening in the story. I will definitely be saving these stories for when Alfie is a little bit older so we can enjoy them together.




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