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The Tap-Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden – Serena Hassan


Pigeon has just flown the nest and must find his way in the world. He flies into Covent Garden and falls in love with an opera singer’s voice which is when we discovers a passion for tap dancing! Suddenly he gets swept up by wind that spins him round and round and when he finally stops his leg is stuck in plastic, he can’t walk so how will he tap-dance? Publishing – 5/9/19

Myself and the children absolutely loved this story! I loved teaching the kids about looking after the environment without them even really noticing. They loved looking at the illustrations of London and my son enjoyed pointing out the London Eye and Big Ben.

I instantly loved the moral of the story in following your dreams even if to someone else they may seem silly. I also love how Serena has turned the idea of pigeons being a nuisance on its head as we fall in love with Pigeon and feel sympathy towards him. I know my children will always remember the story of Pigeon before chasing them again!

I’m really on board with children’s books turning towards looking after our environment, I think that helps children understand better and I prefer the subtle approach, it’s something that more children’s authors should be focusing on!

The Tap-Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden is being published on 5th September, I would highly recommend picking up a copy! *I was kindly gifted this book in exchange for a review*


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