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Hey! ..

My name is Kate, I am 25, I live with my husband Jonny .. We have a 4 year old boy called Alfie and a 1 year old girl called Lacey

I qualified from college with a BTEC National Diploma in Beauty Sciences. I do not claim to know loads about beauty but it is a passion of mine and I love sharing my own products and my views on certain things.

I absolutely love writing parenting blogs, taking the piss out of myself and my family. I apologise for any offence I may cause with my profanities.

In September 2016 I became a Christmas temp at my local Lush store and I have since become a permanent member of the team. I love being a sales assistant at Lush and I hope to be there for a long time.

I have always had a passion for reading blogs and watching YouTube videos. My utter favourites are anything beauty, fashion and lifestyle related, my YouTube subscription box is full with beauty bloggers and I spend most of my spare time watching them!

I have always wanted to start my own blog but have never been brave enough, but I feel like this is the right time and thought I would finally give it a go!

I finally have a YouTube channel!

Find me on YouTube

Thanks for reading!

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts and to follow me through my links on my social media page!


love kate x


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